21 JULY, , 2016

Vacuum Tubes NorthEast                           

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     Our website offers a wide selection of vacuum tubes and electron tubes for the

 broadcast, industrial, scientific and hobby user. We offer transmitting power tubes  

for the broadcaster in addition to quality vacuum tubes for use in audio applications.

     Scientific users will find a broad assortment of microwave, thyratron, ignitron,  

rectifier, diode,camera, photo and photomultiplier tubes.

     In addition a wide range of RF power measuring devices by Bird, Coaxial Dynamics  

and other manufacturers are available from stock.

     Pricing is provided for most items currently offered on the site, usually at or below  

prevailing market levels. Pricing is subject to change without notice and limited to the

available stock.

     All tubes are tested in our lab prior to shipmeny to verify quality. Industrial and

transmitting  power tubes are tested at high voltage and current to cull weak, gassy,

shorted and erratic-performing tubes.